Understanding Tajweed: Learning The Fundamentals(L37)

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Tajuk: Understanding Tajweed: Learning The Fundamentals
ISBN: 978967291077
Penerbit: Karya PiS Sdn. Bhd
Penulis: AFUR Academy
Tahun Terbitan: Cetakan Ketiga, April 2021
Muka Surat: 120
Halaman: Berwarna
Format: Softcover
Berat (kg): 0.400
Dimensi (cm): 29.6cm x 21.1cm x 0.6cm



This book has been compiled through the hard work and efforts of the Al-Furqan Academy members of staff, derived from the teaching method of Dr. Ibraaheem Al-Arnaut who started with just notes, to the teachers trained by them who helped compile it into what you see today.

The experience Al-Furqan Academy has had in teaching both locals and foreigners the Qur’aan, from born muslims who had not learnet the proper recitation of the Qur’aan, to new muslims who were keen to learn how to recite the book of Allah, has resulted in this book that we have today. We want to keep it simple enough for everyone to be able to understand, but not too simple that it is not self explanatory. To achieve this, we have combined the theoretical rules of tajweed with a tadribat or practice pages to be used as a practice tool to complement the theory of Qur’aan recitation before the student progresses into reciting from the Qur’aan.

May Allah bless each and everyone of you who strives to please Allah by learning how to recite His words in the way that the Prophet SAW did. 

Understanding Tajweed class structured into 2 semesters to complete the whole syllabus, 1st semester online classes will start on 22nd May and end on 4th September, while 2nd semester will start in mid of September. Register now to secure your place for the online class (Full English medium)

Karya PiS
Muka Surat:
120 Muka Surat