The Power Of Nap ( Qailullah Tidur Sebentar Di Waktu Siang Hari ) #(L18)

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"Reading and naps, two of life's gretaest pleasures, go especially well together.

A power of short nap ( duh ) that ends before you enter deep sleep. The idea ( and term ) for power napping came from a guy named james Maas, who outlined the concept in a work called Miracle Sleep Cure : The Key to a Long Life of Peak Performance. The purpose of a power nap is to fall asleep and wake up before you enter slow-wave sleep os ( SWS ), which is where deep sleep occurs.

What are the health benefits?

1. Boost Your Alertness - The main benefit for power napiping, of course, is booting your alertness

2. Improve Your Memory - Another study found that"... an ultta-short episode of sleep is sufficient o promote declarative memory performance" ( from Journal of Sleep Research, 2008)

3. Reverse the Damage Cause by a Poor Night's Sleep- We've all had restless nights, but not many people know that losing sleep can actually cause damage, which is a big part of why you feel so crappy the day after not getting much sleep.

4. Fight the Effects of Sleep Apnea - Obstuctive Sleep Apnes ( OSA ) affects approxiamately 42 million adults in the United States alone. And it can be pretty dangerous; it's often a precursor to other, more serious health conditions, like heart disease and stroke.

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