Strategic Leadership of Muhammad SAW # (R11)

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Tajuk: Strategic Leadership of Muhammad SAW #
ISBN: 9789670067186
Penerbit: Ilham Books
Penulis: Rozhan Othman
Tahun Terbitan: 2024
Muka Surat: 190
Halaman: Hitam Putih
Format: Paperback
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Dimensi (cm): 22.5cm x 15cm x 1cm
This book was written for us to understand and examine how Prophet Muhammad SAW led. It is takes an interpretive-inductive approach in examining the strategic leadership behaviour of the Prophet SAW. It seeks to form inferences to explain what the Prophet SAW did and why he did what he did.
This remarkable book has not only achieved the author’s original intent, it has exceeded it. This book presents a compelling re-evaluation of Prophet Muhammad’s s.a.w strategic leadership through a contemporary lens. Grounded in a credible and modern framework of strategy and leadership, the book employs a cause-effectual analysis model to illuminate key events from the Prophet’s life. The author’s unparalleled achievement stems from a distinctive blend of analytical insights drawn from the seerah and a superior academic command of contemporary theories, making it an invaluable contribution to the understanding of strategic leadership.
Dato’ Dr. Abdul Rahman Abdullah,
Member of Board of Trustees,
Selangor Zakat Board.
Being strategic and having strategic leaders are essential for all spheres of human activities, including the efforts to bring Islam to mankind. Rozhan Othman has provided us a good insight into the strategic leadership of the Prophet s.a.w. through an inductive-interpretive technique. He brings it with a great sense of humility. It is a must-read for those who love to learn from the best leader mankind has ever seen.
Professor Dato’ Dr. Mohd. Saleh Jaafar,
Pro Vice Chancellor
UCSI University Bangladesh Branch Campus.
Ilham Books
Hitam Putih
Muka Surat:
190 Muka Surat