Research Mosaics of Language Studies in Asia Differences and Diversity #(L53)

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This book gives readers a present and critical view of different language and linguistic issues in selected Asian contexts. The language aspect of the manuscript explores various areas of English language learning and teaching while the linguistic aspect looks at different fields such as sociolinguistics, semantics, stylistics, corpus-based studies, translation studies and cultural studies. These aspects also provide distinct tangents in researching language for they offer significant points of view and outcomes in understanding the influence and/or the function of cultures when dealing with either spoken or written discourses involving native or non-native speakers. Such dynamics are instrumental in bringing about wider range of topics pertinent to the transdisciplinary nature of the current research theme in this part of the world. Substantially, the major sub-disciplines included in the manuscript frame both theoretical and hands-on implications for more rigourous innovations and expansions in the respective area of investigation.

Hitam Putih
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