Once Upon A Time In Bursa : The Money Equation # (L23)

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Why do most retail investors lose money in the stock market? Is the stock market rigged against them? What is the best way to invest in stocks?


Behind every stock is a company which has an underlying value. Buying and owning good stocks over a sustained period of time is possibly the single best way to build wealth. Most investment advice is geared towards the US or foreign markets and do not delve into the specifics of investing in the local context of Bursa. This book reveals the unique opportunities, nuances and risk of investing in Bursa along with how retail investors can apply fundamental investing specifically to Malaysian companies. You will see the stocks through the lens of real stories and learn to appreciate the companies behind each stock.


Hann, a corporate strategist, lawyer and avid fundamental investor, shares with you his personal investment experiences that have helped him navigate Bursa. He takes you on a fulfilling journey of investment tales where you will gain insights on the simple logics of investing. You will also learn how to apply the practical MONEY equation which he hopes, may tip the balance ever so slightly in favour of ordinary retail investors.


“an easy to understand investment course within a book” Warren Mak, former Head of Investor Education in Bursa Malaysia

"brilliant piece of work that is worth reading" Wong Jhy Juan, CFO of OCR Group Berhad

"a must-read" Chuan Ze Jun, Director of Finance at MorganStanley London

"understand how wealth is created in the capital market" Ng Tzyy Loon, Author of “The Hidden Side of the Stock Market” (股票分析, 投资揭秘)



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