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I have started my writing passion and hobby in 2016 by writing my first ever book entitled Shariah Minds in Islamic Finds. Shariah mindset.

Two years later, I continued writing many articles focussing on mindset but now on many other themes of life excludiing Islamic finance. I have increasingly found this theme transformative and unlocking to me personally.

I would like to believe that the way we think defines our personality (company, society and nation). I am not saying that some of the ways of our thinking (and decisioning) are wrong. All are valid and correct but the truth is that some are smarter and more impactful than others. This is the thesis of my book on Mindset.

Many people (organisations, companies and nations) are adamant about transformation for the better but the last thing that really changes within them is the mindset. Mindset does not only need gun powder (intellectual insight) but also bravity and risk taking.

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