ecommerce Playbook: How To Start & Build An Online Business # (L94)

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ECOMMERCE PLAYBOOK is not about the giant companies you know, but rather, 15 entrepreneurs with amazing stories to share. You'll learn from those who have started with minimal capital and learned how to do nearly everything right through trial and error. Each one offers unique perspectives and tips that will fan the flames of any ambition for your online business, whether you're just starting out or already an established businessperson.

It features the true stories of what it takes to create an online business, including the entrepreneur who started with RM150 and turned it into a company generating RM15 million in annual sales, the 15-year-old who scaled a long-lasting online business that is now averaging 7-figures in annual revenue, and a hardware store in an isolated location that expanded its reach across six countries in the Asia Pacific region. Most importantly, this book gives you an inside look into what truly makes a well-run eCommerce business — one that thrives even during the worst of times.

Ariel Chew
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