Anatomy ARVR (L131)

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Format: Kulit Tebal
ISBN-13: 978-1-906068-38-7
Penerbit : BK Book 2017
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Product description

Human body is one of the most complex systems ever know to us, it's a product of evolution perfected over few million years. Anatomy ARVR helps you to understand this complex system with the help of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). The Anatomy ARVR book itself is a visual treat that will light up your centers of learning. Different organs explained in the books are rendered to give a realistic viewing experience. The application that comes with the book amplifies this experience and enhances your understanding about the human anatomy. Along with AR, VR and textual information this application also has the functionality to have 360 degrees view of the organs in 3D. This is bound to accentuate your knowledge about different organs in human body. The 3D models have been chosen to be realistic and anatomically correct where ever possible. The application has been so designed to disseminate information that can reach you with utmost ease. The application also has a 'Brain centre' which updates you with the latest information, findings and happenings in the medical world. This will help you to have continuous knowledge updation and assimilation of current happenings.


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